About The Banking Scene

Connecting organisations and people,
helping to shape the bank of tomorrow

The banking landscape continues to shift severely. Low interest rates, new market entrants, fast fintech developments and new rules force the industry to reinvent itself. Our quest for the future of banking is locally oriented and spiced by international ideas and inspiration.

A community tale:
The story behind The Banking Scene

On the verge of this long-term transformation, The Banking Scene inspires those bankers who embrace the opportunities ahead to create a culture of innovation. Passionate about banking and related technologies, we accelerate networking and bring together like-minded colleagues that are open for thought-provoking dialogues.

The Banking Scene is conceived by banker Rik Coeckelbergs. It’s a logical evolution of his successful LinkedIn Group "Innovations in Payments". This group was created to share information about the dynamics that influence the payments industry. Created in 2009, it is today an online asset for more than +75.000 professionals worldwide, the largest LinkedIn Group worldwide focusing on payments.

To support our growth, Tahnee Fernandez joined the team in 2022, Andrew Vorster followed in 2023 to support the company with Marketing.

Our blogs, white papers, the link to all our activities and the ones of our global partners can now be found, centralised on this platform.

Today, we are present in three countries and on multiple social media platforms. Our key activities are conferences, workshops and seminars that discuss the future of banking and the consequent discomfort of change. Our website is a news portal that captures industry trends, shares views and offers content that adds value to the daily life of every banker.

Every week, you can find us around the virtual round table of The Banking Scene Afterwork, your one-hour distraction that gets you back on track more inspired than ever.

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